Dalian Hongli motor product anti counterfeiting announcement


Dear customer:

Thank you for your trust and support to Hongli electric!

Dalian Hongli Motor Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Dalian Hongcheng Motor Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1957. It has designed, manufactured and operated motors for more than 60 years. With excellent quality, Hongli motor has been widely recognized by customers and has become a well-known motor brand in the industry.

Recently, our company found that some companies and individuals in the market took the opportunity to produce and sell products similar to our company in the name of "Hongli motor" and "Hongcheng motor", in an attempt to mislead and deceive customers to buy fake and shoddy products with fake Hongli motor "Hongcheng brand" and Hongcheng motor "Bangle brand" to obtain illegal benefits.

  Fake "Hongli motor" and "Hongcheng motor" products are often shoddy, which can not ensure the long-term stable and reliable operation of the products. It has brought huge potential safety hazards and economic losses to customers, damaged our brand image and disturbed the normal market order. In order to protect the legitimate interests of customers, our company has decided to take legal measures to gradually crack down on the production and sale of counterfeit "Hongli motor and Hongcheng motor".

  The customer is reminded that our company has never set up a "distributor agent company's products", and the company's products are "supporting sales" or "manufacturer direct sales". We should be careful when choosing goods, and don't be deceived by low-cost fake and shoddy products. If you need to buy our products, please call the sales hotline 0411-87230092 for product information.

  Hongli electric hereby announces that once any company or individual is found to be involved in manufacturing and selling counterfeit products, our company will complain to the national law enforcement organ and investigate the violator's administrative, civil and criminal liabilities according to law. At the same time, we encourage any individual to report information about counterfeit Hongli motor and Hongcheng motor products to Sales@dl -hcdj. COM, or call 0411-87230092.

Announcement and declaration unit: Dalian Hongli Motor Co., Ltd

Dalian Hongcheng Motor Co., Ltd

Statement date: January 19, 2021

Relevant information

In March 2022, ye4 series high-quality and high-efficiency three-phase asynchronous motors developed by Hongli motor were awarded "China energy saving product certification", "product certification certificate" and "CCC certificate".
Batch delivery of several batches of high-voltage motors was completed from September to December 2021. The batch delivery of yxkk 630 motors is the best witness of the batch capacity of high-voltage motors of our company.
Hongli motor has reached a "new height in history". On August 26, 2021, YKK 710-6 2650kw high-voltage motor was successfully delivered, marking Hongli motor's mature technology and manufacturing capacity in high-power high-voltage motor, which is also of great strategic significance to Hongli motor's R & D and production of large motors in the future.