Service sales guarantee

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Pre sales planning

On site understanding and communication

The expert advisory group went to the site in person to effectively understand and communicate on site, put forward rectification plans and measures, understand and master the effects before and after rectification, reach an agreement and carry out research and implementation.


Installation guide

Door to door installation and on-site guidance

Door to door guidance for customers on-site installation and commissioning of motor equipment. And provide professional operation training to customers.


Service Customization

Personalized design and customization

Carry out effective rectification activities according to the situation of customers. Analyze the customer's production line and capacity, formulate appropriate product scheme, produce prototype, conduct operation test according to the customer's needs, and issue test report.


After-sale service

Peace of mind

seven × Provide customers with 24-hour online services, so that customers have no worries. Experts come to the site for relevant knowledge and special training. In case of any problem, the professional technicians of the manufacturer shall come to the door to solve it within 48 hours